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Trayd – The YC Startup Bringing Same-Day Pay to 7 Million Construction Workers in the U.S.

What if construction workers could get paid as quickly like workers of Uber, Doordash and other gig workers?
Trayd, the startup co-founded by Anna Berger, is making this a reality.
Trayd is on a mission to bring fast, same-day pay to the construction industry. In this episode, discover how Anna Berger’s own frustrations with outdated payroll systems led her to create a revolutionary solution. Learn about her journey of convincing a skeptical co-founder, navigating Y Combinator, and securing those crucial early wins. Plus, gain insights into her fundraising strategies, the story behind her “Believe the no, don’t believe the why” advice and her vision for simplifying construction payroll for everyone.
-Introducing Anna Berger, Co-founder of Trayd:The Startup for Same-Day Construction Pay
-Anna’s personal connection to the construction industry and the initial spark for Trayd
-The massive reliance on paper payroll in construction sites
-Building a Team: How Anna convinced her best friend to join as a co-founder during an Italian adventure
-The Art of Convincing: Startup Pitching, Y Combinator, and Early Wins
-Startup Mindset: Resilience, Rejection, and Handling Doubters
-The Struggle of Letting Go: A Founder’s Journey
-Pre-Funding Success: Letters of Intent (LOIs) and Early Traction
-Y Combinator: The Accelerator Experience for Trayd
-Overcoming Fundraising Rejection: Startup Persistence and Believing in Your Vision
-Solving the Construction Labor Shortage, Gig Economy Trends, and Fast Pay
-Fundraising Tips for Construction Tech Startups (Pitching to Investors)
-Startup Wisdom: Embracing Risk-Taking and Potential Rewards
Don’t miss this episode that takes you inside the mind of a trailblazer reshaping the construction payroll landscape. Gain insights into Anna’s entrepreneurial journey, her unwavering resilience, and her mission to empower the construction workforce through innovation.
Anna Berger is the co-founder and CEO of Trayd, a construction payroll platform designed for instant pay. Growing up in a family steeped in the construction industry, Anna recognized firsthand the frustrations and inefficiencies plaguing both contractors and workers. Driven by a deep understanding of her customers’ needs, Anna embarked on a mission to streamline payroll operations and attract talent through faster payments. With unwavering resilience and a knack for convincing others to join her cause, Anna secured early support and letters of intent, paving the way for Trayd’s acceptance into the prestigious Y Combinator program. At the heart of Anna’s vision lies a commitment to empowering the construction workforce and fostering career growth within the trades, ultimately elevating the lives of hardworking individuals.
Website → https://www.buildtrayd.com/
LinkedIn → https://www.linkedin.com/in/annajberger/
LinkedIn → https://www.linkedin.com/company/traydinc/
Instagram → https://twitter.com/annajberger3Z
Twitter → https://twitter.com/annajberger3
TikTok → https://www.tiktok.com/@annajber
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