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Gabriel Jarrosson created his first website at 13, then sold his first startup at 25.

He sold his second business at 32. He's invested ~$34M in more than 100 startups with 15 exits.

He founded Lobster Capital to leverage his unique access to Y Combinator and his understanding of the criteria that makes a good investment.

Mission & Vision

We believe technology is a big part of the solution for today's many problems.

We're using our proven investment criteria to select big winners that will impact the world and create generational wealth for our backers.

Gabriel Jarrosson

About Us!

We're investing in

Silicon Valley


Over the past few years we've funded 35+ startups from Y Combinator for a total of $24M.

Today, those investments are valued over $50M.

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    Gabriel was instrumental in our growth. The webinars he helped me craft accounted for 90% of our new customers for several months.

    Sonakshi Nathani CEO BIK - YC S20

    Gabriel is Incredible! Always has time to provide help and strategic advice.

    Carlos Tedeja CEO Pideaky - YC S21

    Gabriel is a beacon of what modern investment should look like. To any startup seeking and investor who brings more than just capital to the table, I would wholeheartedly recommend Gabriel.

    Jeffrey Lange CEO Scanbase - YC W23